One Right Way To Do WordPress

There’s More Than One Right Way to Do WordPress

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One Right Way To Do WordPress

When all is said and done, the biggest piece of building success in WordPress isn’t about content management, or hosting, or any particular geeky WordPress elements. Great WordPress is about great training. What’s the one right way to do WordPress?

There isn’t one.

We’ve introduced the work of Bob Dunn and Lorelle VanFossen here, and had both good and bad things to say about these two esteemed WordPress trainers. Well, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and certainly there’s more than one right way to give—or get—WordPress training.

But tidbits from a generic training company probably isn’t a very good one.

Over at, they do training on lots of subjects. We’re not saying that any of it is bad, exactly, and there are well-known WordPress trainers providing content at Lynda. But Lynda’s is a scatter-shot approach to training; we say you’re better off buying a book. Or getting this one for free.

There’s more than one right way to do WordPress. There’s more than one right way to do WordPress training. And if you like we’ll help, but our most important job at The WordPress Helpers is to keep you pointed toward the right training, wherever it comes from.

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What’s the One Right Way to do WordPress?One Right Way To Do WordPress
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One Right Way To Do WordPress
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One Right Way To Do WordPress
As with so many things, there's more than one right way to do WordPress. Let's talk WordPRess training, basics, and "one right way to do wordpress".


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