The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

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The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

It’s almost time for WordPress 2015.

Yes, I mean “WordPress in 2015, along with all the developments we see to help The WordPress Community move forward”. And that’s exciting.

But more, I mean “it’s almost time for The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme, WordPress parent Automattic’s annual state-of-the-what-if-you-are-a-straight-up-blogger” presentation of WordPress for the coming year.

WordPress Twenty Fifteen is attractive; Automattic always turns out a nice piece of work to showcase the latest updates and trends in WordPress-ville. At the same time, I don’t neeed it except for research and analysis, and suspect you don’t either.

But what if I did? Are MaTT and Co THAT hell-bent on treating .net users worse than .com users?

I feel for Automattic; seriously, I do. They make all their money from people who use WordPress via, but “real WordPress” happens when you install WordPress on a server, using the free version found at And in defense of The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme being available at .com ahead of when those of us “outside” get it, Twenty-Fifteen is being released as part of WordPress 4.1, due to arrive in a few days.

Nevertheless … it’s here, it’s being reviewed, and yet … it isn’t really here at all.

Good enough reason to do WordPress at No way; not close. If anything, the opposite.

Mostly, it’s disturbing to see the dichotomy that exists between Automattic’s left hand and its right. Unless … they just aren’t speaking to each other.

The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme Is Here … if by “here” you mean “at”
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Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme
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Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme
The Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme is here—if by "here" you mean "on"

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