Cloudflare CDN and WordPress

Cloudflare CDN and WordPress

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The Cloudflare CDN and WordPress

There are a few WordPress Community luminaries whose work and words show up here, regularly. Lorelle Van Fossen and Bob Dunn are highly-respected WordPress Trainers. Tom McFarlin is a developer with a knack for speaking like a human.

Before we launched The WordPress Helpers we reached out to a bunch of these smart folks. One guy we came across then and several times since is Kevin Muldoon. Somehow Kevin’s words have been absent here until now; that streak ends today.

Kevin Muldoon blogs at several high-profile WordPress-focused sites, including Elegant Themes, a vendor you’ll find in The WordPress Helpers Shop. This week Kevin published a piece on Content Delivery Networks at Winning WP, comparing the two most popular CDNs for WordPress, MaxCDN and Cloudflare. Kevin’s comparison is solid, and you can click through using the link below.

Or don’t bother. Just go get Cloudflare.

Cloudflare works, and if you’re OK with the way it comes out of the box, it’s free. Except for slightly-more-complex-than-some-people-will-be-immediately-comfortable-with DNS redirection setting up Cloudflare is a breeze (and if you want to add a CDN to your website you can’t avoid that part, anyway). Just install the Cloudflare WordPress plug-in and you’re off to the races.

Do you need to “do” Cloudflare CDN and WordPress?

For that matter is setting up a CDN even worth the effort?

Umm … maybe.

Replicating your web site all over the world will speed up content delivery under some geographically-oriented circumstances. And at least in theory a CDN creates redundancy to cover against down-time on a single server. That said, especially if you are hosted on a shared server, yes, you want to give the Cloudflare CDN and WordPress combination a shot.

Content Delivery Networks aren’t a panacea, though, and when they break (and they do), it’s a little trickier to right the ship than it is with regular hosting.

Give Kevin’s piece a read. And let’s make sure your WordPress hosting strategy is the right one for you.

Source: WinningWP 
The Cloudflare CDN and WordPress
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Cloudflare CDN and WordPress
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Cloudflare CDN and WordPress
Have you thought about using a content delivery network? Specifically, have you thought about using the cloudflare cdn and WordPress? Kevin Muldoon has.


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