WordPress Training Errors

WordPress Training Errors: Is That a Bug, or a Feature?

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WordPress Training Errors

How do you feel about mistakes? You hide them, right?

Maybe it’s time you stop.

Often-referenced WordPress Guru Tom McFarlin published the story we’ve linked below, asking specifically whether WordPress Training Videos would benefit from the inclusion of WordPress Training Errors. And it’s easy to make either argument.

Obviously, slick, well-produced videos have a place in training and everywhere else. They’re easy to watch and they show the creator in the best possible light. But training errors have a real value:

We recently conducted an on-line training session for a client who wanted a simple way to control spacing at the beginning of a paragraph. The first thing we showed him was the use of  the   convention to insert one or more non breaking space characters.   presents a couple of problems, though:

the word “space” is an imprecise expression of measure, and using, for example,       to create a three-space indent doesn’t always work as you might expect.

A better way to go is to include paragraph styling. The WordPress Editor includes a button that will indent a paragraph by exactly thirty pixels using the code <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>, which can then be edited to be larger or smaller if you need that. Not to mention that the idea of thirty pixels of padding is both easier to grasp for most non-technical types and easier to insert than a few manual characters of code.

But knowing that there are multiple ways to address a problem can be useful, and the multiple-solution thing is one of the best things about WordPress. So if you’re presenting a lesson about spacing and editing, shouldn’t you at least show both?

WordPress is like that; there are lots of ways to do things, and some are easier—or simply more practical for avoiding training errors—than others. And often you can avoid training errors by showing training errors.

Neat, right? As we said yesterday: there are different ways to learn WordPress. Which one is best for you depends on who you are.

Source: Tom McFarlin 
WordPress Training Errors
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WordPress Training Errors
Article Title:
WordPress Training Errors
Training errors can be as valuable as the training itself. Should you look to eliminate WordPress Training Errors, or make training errors part of training?


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