The WordPress Permalinks Structure

The WordPress Permalinks Structure

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WordPress Permalinks Structure

Somewhere, sometime, even if doing this Internet thing isn’t your thing, you’ve likely come across the word “permalink”. Permalink is a mash-up of permanent and link. Yes, the idea is that you create a permanent link to a page of content, so you can refer to it later and direct people to it. For example, the link you see above sends people directly to a piece we published some time back on WordPress using its Jetpack plug-in to continue growing its market share.

WordPress Permalinks Structure

That’s the most important part of permalinks; imagine not being able to send people directly to your content! But there’s more to it. The page in the our example is presently Google’s ninth-most important page for the phrase jetpack market share, and while the story itself is the main factor behind that, search engine optimization for the phrase is boosted by it being in the page name.

Setting up how WordPress permalinks work is as simple as going to the permalinks page in WordPress settings, and selecting the way you want your permalinks to show up. You can see that at The WordPress Helpers we’ve designed our WordPress permalinks to follow a structure starting with the name of the page, followed by the date the post was published.

Is this the best form for WordPress permalinks? We say it is. As you can read in comments on the story we’ve linked below, adding the date to your page name provides a bit of extra information—and structuring your WordPress permalinks so the date trails the page name rather than leading it is more user-friendly than the other way around.

Permalinks structure is just one prong in your battle to optimize WordPress. And it’s a simple, set-it-on-day-one-and-never-think-about-it-again tweak you can do in seconds. Not entirely sure you understand WordPress permalinks? Contact The WordPress Helpers.

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The WordPress Permalinks Structure
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WordPress Permalinks Structure
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WordPress Permalinks Structure
"Permalink" means "name the page and path". Controlling WordPress Permalinks is simple. Search and user usefulness of WordPress permalinks is anything but.


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