WordPress Database Tables

PRIMER: The WordPress Database Tables

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WordPress Database Tables

Working on WordPress? Ready to take our advice that the WordPress Database is something you really need to understand a little bit about? Let’s move onto what’s in the WordPress Database Tables.

It isn’t possible to give you a complete tutorial on what tables make up the WordPress database. Why? Plug-ins often add extra tables to it, so the WordPress Database Tables is a moving target. How big a target? At the moment, the WordPress database running this web site has 73 tables in it.

That’s pretty complex, and for good reason; The WordPress Helpers has a lot going on behind the scenes. But a clean install of WordPress starts out with exactly eleven tables. Here they are:

Welcome to The WordPress Helpers’ default database table schematic

Even if you perform manual maintenance on your WordPress database, you may well never look at the content of many of the WordPress database tables. In fact, several are comprised of nothing besides codes pointing the database from one location to another. But WordPress database tables are a starting point for all kinds of things you can manage in a pinch. We wrote today, for example, about manually tweaking a WordPress password.

Still there? Stick around. Want to make sure we keep you up to date on WordPress database tables and all kinds of other important WordPress topics? Sign up below!

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Primer: The WordPress Database Tables”
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The WordPress Database Tables
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The WordPress Database Tables
Is there a drier topic than WordPress database tables? We've never seen one. But learning your way around the WordPress database tables could save your life


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