Envato Themes is a Monster

Envato Themes Is a Monster

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Envato Themes

In another article published here today, we said something nice—if lukewarm—about Envato Market. Well, it seems The WordPress Helpers isn’t the only WordPress-related group expressing concerns about Envato this week. Specifically, one WordPress themes-and-plugins shop is calling out Envato Themes for … well, a bunch.

The folks at WordImpress, besides taking issue with how difficult it can be simply to do business with Envato, have pointed out that, among other things, Envato now compels its themes vendors to promote extra software as a condition of selling their themes at Envato Themes.


In the States, this would probably be considered illegal; “bundling” is only allowed when you can opt-out. In other words, on the wrong day in front of the wrong judge and jury, forcing somone to take a product as a precondition of buying another will get you in a lot of trouble. Envato, being based in Australia, make not be subject to that proscription.

In this piece on Free WordPress Hosting, we praised x10Hosting for giving you an absolutely clean install of WordPress when you use their one-click install. It’s a little horrifying that Envato Market is making Envato Themes work the way WordImpress’ Matt Cromwell reports.

Not quite sure what’s happening behind your WordPress installation? Contact The WordPress Helpers; we’ll clean it all up for you.

Source: WordImpress 
Why We’re Not Afraid of Envato
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Envato Themes is a Scary Monster !
Article Title:
Envato Themes is a Scary Monster !
How scary is Envato Themes? MONSTER Scary. And according to a growing numbers of developers Envato Themes is making doing business with Envato market harder