Customize WordPress Without Code

Customize WordPress Without Code

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Can You Customize WordPress Without Code?

Simple Question? Hardly. Can you customize WordPress without code?

Simple answer: no, you cannot customize WordPress without code, at least not in the real world.

You cannot customize WordPress without code. You can get close. You can do lots of things without writing code so long as whomever designed your theme and the plug-ins you use built the things you need into their design. But eventually, writing a bit of code will be an absolute necessity.

The article we’ve linked to below is called How to Customize your WordPress (Themes) without Knowing Code. Oddly enough, it explains how to customize WordPress without code by … showing you code. Several times. Uh-oh.

It’s an interesting, simple, wrong explanation of a few things that anyone running or trying to learn to run a WordPress site needs to get familiar with. But it ultimately proves the opposite of what it claims to be saying.

Everyone needs to know code, as so many business experts will tell you today. Not so you can be a coder, but so you can at least know when you’re being sold a bill of goods. Here at The WordPress Helpers, we prefer to sell the truth.

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Can You Customize WordPress Without Code?
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Can You Customize a WordPress Theme Without Any Code?
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Can You Customize a WordPress Theme Without Any Code?
Can you customize WordPress without code? More: can you customize a WordPress theme without code? Yes, as long as the customizations are pre-done by coders.


  1. It’s a shame though. To live in a world where you have to know the code to “design a working website”. Why?

    It doesn’t have to be that way. Do you have to know the code to design a good magazine? No. Why would designing a website be any different?

    I’m not talking about sophisticated websites, which course need coding to build. I’m talking about a vast majority of normal websites that normal people build.

    This could be done by removing all the coding from the process. The design process could focus not on machines running it but on people using it.

    It’s about time mainstream companies (WordPress) realize that.

    1. Author

      Fair critique, and one I mostly agree with.

      But your “can you customize a magazine …?” example, while seemingly in-line, mat be a bit over-reaching. You can build a magazine, but unless you have some “skills”, it likely won’t look very good. Tthe “WordPress without code” thing feels to me like it falls along those lines.

      The big difference is that no-one ever says “anyone can build a great magazine”, where WordPress claims that anyone can do it … true enough, until you want it to actually be any good.

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