Doing Client-Friendly WordPress

Doing Client-Friendly WordPress

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Doing Client-Friendly WordPress

At The WordPress Helpers, we (usually) love us those folks at WPMUDEV. In particular, Daniel Pataki’s work is spot-on, seemingly every time out of the gate. While The Dreaded WordPress White Screen of Death wasn’t Daniel’s, he wrote wisely in One Secret for Fixing Broken WordPress and WordPress Ain’t Perfect.

In the piece we’ve linked below Daniel talks about how to make WordPress client-friendly. It’s a little geekier than some of his other work, so heads up, but the idea of client-friendly WordPress should resonate for just about everyone.

Fact is, while you can leave the WordPress back-end exactly as-is so long as you conduct a bit of client training on both what the default menu items are for and how and why new items show up and what to do with them, sometimes in the interest of doing client-friendly WordPress it will make sense to lock a few things down, or hide others.

Daniel Pataki’s explanation is within the grasp of pretty much anyone worth hiring as a WordPress developer, and simply-enough written that folks who need a more client-friendly WordPress needn’t go screaming off into the night should they follow our link to his piece.

Should WordPress be more client-friendly, overall? You bet; it’s why The WordPress Helpers came to be here. And … it can be done. Thanks for pointing out how easy that be, Daniel!

Source: WPMUDEV 
Tips for Doing Client-Friendly WordPress
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Doing Client-Friendly WordPress
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Doing Client-Friendly WordPress
Does WordPress need to be client-friendly? Is client-friendly WordPress an oxymoron? Yes, and then NO! Client-friendly WordPress is doable; pay attention!


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