Free WordPress Hosting? Yes, FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING!

The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 27-Feb-2015

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Free WordPress Hosting

Where do you get WordPress Hosting? Want FREE WordPress Hosting, no strings attached, for real? No kidding, this is the place, and … it’s good!


Image Sizing in web pages is important. Image Sizing in WordPress is even more so. Is this simple? No. But Lorelle VanFossen takes WordPress Image Sizing in a great direction.


The Simple Read Theme is free. It makes reading simple. It makes writing simple. Simply Put, Simply Read is a Simple Solution


If you run a WordPress Site all by yourself, WordPress User Roles won’t matter. But if you let others inside your WordPress site in any way at all, you’re going to need to manage WordPress User Roles. Here’s everything you need to know.


Matt Mullenweg has decided—again—to let take Bitcoin payments. It’s a more important business decision than you might think.


What should you look for in a great WordPress Host? It turns out that if you’re careful filling WordPress Hosting Requirements is surprisingly easy.


When did President George W. Bush become a WordPress expert? When it became about Decision Points


Turns out the mothership is quite benevolent when it comes to WordPress Data Portability.


Your WordPress site can never be too good looking, or too secure. And there’s a really simple way to manage WordPress Data Security as well as you need to worry about.


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