WordPress Hosting Requirements

WordPress Hosting Requirements

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WordPress Hosting Requirements

In another piece we published today, we pointed you at a web host where you can get honest-to-goodness free WordPress Hosting. And while we’re completely comfortable recommending x10Hosting, there will be lots of people who want something else.

This week, a company that sells WordPress themes and other web site templates posting a story on their blog that tries to address this. Titled WordPress Hosting What Should It Be Like, the folks at TemplateMonster lay out a short laundry list of the “stuff you need to look for” when selecting WordPress Hosting.

And the article is mostly wrong.

We certainly have no problem with TemplateMonster recommending hosting companies. We recommend products and services we believe in, and we’ll give TemplateMonster the benefit of believing that their recommendations are actual recommendations and not merely attempts to collect commissions for referrals.

But take away that, and the article really makes just one three-pronged point:

When Defining WordPress Hosting Requirements You Need To Look For Support, Specialization, and Scalability


You absolutely need to look for support. But you’re unlikely to run into any important problems simply … leaving … if your WordPress host can’t scale—and you should have such problems—and WordPress Hosting specialization is … not really important, at all. If your host is ANY good at what they do, and PHP and MySQL are running and up to date, then the only real issue left is whether the server where your WordPress Hosting Requirements are being met on is oversubscribed.

There, we said it. Real-world advice on WordPress Hosting Requirements from The WordPress Helpers.

Source: MonsterPost 
What To Look For in a WordPress Host
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WordPress Hosting Requirements
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WordPress Hosting Requirements
What are WordPress Hosting Requirements? Pay close attention: there are almost no "WordPress Hosting Requirements you don't already have.


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