WordPress Business Decisions and Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg Talks WordPress Business Decisions

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Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Business Decisions, and Bitcoin

Recently, I’ve found myself agreeing with WordPress/Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg’s business decisions on several occasions. Matt is a smart guy, evidenced a number of years back by his intentional decision not to run the company he’d founded until he grew up a bit, and most recently by his explanation of WordPress Business Decisions needing to point in different directions than they have been. Matt and I are of a like mind on WordPress Security, as well.

This week, WordPress parent Automattic decided to stop accepting Bitcoin as payment for paid hosting at WordPress.com. Or so it seemed. As Michael del Castillo points out at Bizjournal, Automattic may have temporarily stopped accepting Bitcoin, but it was really just a way to update some code; not only will Bitcoin remain an option for paid WordPress hosting, but Automattic will actually give you free hosting for a year if you pay using Bitcoin.

As Matt points out, Bitcoin isn’t used very often, so unless that changes this might go down in the annuls of WordPress Business Decisions as a tremendous resource waster. But Matt Mullenweg is nothing if not a forward thinker, making WordPress Business Decisions like the upstart, socially-concerned guy he comes off as in pretty much all ways.

Accepting Bitcoin is unlikely to turn out to be one of the more important WordPress Business Decisions, but we’re genuinely impressed that Matt’s hanging in there.

Source: BizJournals 
WordPress Business Decisions, Matt Mullenweg, and Bitcoin
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WordPress Business Decisions and Matt Mullenweg
Article Title:
WordPress Business Decisions and Matt Mullenweg
CEO Matt Mullenweg makes business decisions for WordPress. What WordPress Business Decisions look most interesting this week? WordPress' approach to Bitcoin.


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