Download the WordPress Media Library

Download The WordPress Media Library ?

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Download The WordPress Media Library

It takes all kinds. What kind needs to download the WordPress Media Library?

Not you. No wait, maybe you, exactly. But there are common sense issues to be dealt with here.

Having a safe copy of your WordPress installation is important, so at the simplest level everyone needs to be able to download the WordPress media library; even if you agree with our position that the media library is evil and should be avoided whenever possible, you’re unlikely to have nothing in it, and backups are important.

But how? There are basically three ways to protect your media library, and as with the rest of your WordPress installation—other than the WordPress database; that’s special—it comes down to a tool running on your server, copying everything manually via FTP, or using a plug-in.

Don’t download the WordPress media library by using a plug-in.

Over at WPBeginner, they specialize in information for, as their name suggests, WordPress Beginners. Today WPBeginner published a piece explaining this task in the simplest terms and suggesting, as they often do, that you use a plug-in to attack it.

No, no, a thousand times no.

We’re all for plug-in software. When it works correctly the plug-in system is one of the best things about WordPress. And the plug-in that WPBeginner is recommending here is unlikely to break anything else in your WordPress installation, nor sap performance. But we disagree strongly with WPBeginners’ position that FTP is too hard for beginners; if FTP is too much for you, please go use Wix or Squarespace.

The real point is this: yes, you need to download the WordPress media library, and keep it somewhere safe, like anything else important. And emphasis goes on “you” unless you’re completely outsource the task of backups.

Need help understanding that (or making that outsourcing happen)? We’re right here.

“Downloading The WordPress Media Library”
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Downloading The WordPress Media Library
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Downloading The WordPress Media Library
What's the best way to Download The WordPress Media Library? Not with a plug-in. While you may want to download the WordPress media library, there's just one correct way. Here it is.


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