Getting WordPress Help

Getting WordPress Help

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Getting WordPress Help

Today’s “Getting WordPress Help” Score: WPBeginner Two, Rest-of-the-World Zero.

Earlier today we pointed you at a post from WPBeginner about the upcoming WordPress 4.2. While we wait and hope that the WordPress guys address that despite us often rubbing them the wrong way, we came across another WPBeginner gem. Today, WPBeginner is a real WordPress Helper.

In fact, the piece we’ve linked below is about getting WordPress help. WPBeginner’s simple advice? Be Nice. It might not work at StackExchange, because … StackExchange, and sometimes there just isn’t anything to be done; even if this guy had been nicer he would have walked away disappointed in the support machine.

But sometimes being nice pays off, even when you might think it shouldn’t.

The WPBeginner piece isn’t perfect, but besides addressing the manners issue it makes a few good points and provides a solid roadmap for good results getting WordPress Help.

Not quite sure how to address even what’s happening at WPBeginner? Talk to The WordPress Helpers about getting WordPress Help.

Source: WPBeginner 
Getting WordPress Help
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Getting WordPress Help
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Getting WordPress Help
Getting WordPress Help isn't always easy, but start by asking nicely, and there's a better chance you get somewhere on the getting WordPress help continuum.


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