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The WordPress Community: It Takes a Village

By The WordPress Helpers

The WordPress Community of Developers
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The WordPress Community has long had great power, but there’s been nobody to take responsibility for that power. Why? Because up until now “The WordPress Commmunity” has really meant “The WordPress Developers Community”.

The WordPress Developers Community are great people, with great goals, great ideals, and a genuine love of WordPress. But as with most narrowly-focused groups, they focus on preconceived goals. WordPress is bigger than that. Now, it’s about the entire WordPress Community.

Different vantage-points create different needs. Different needs are served by input from different groups. The WordPress Community is your community. Bring your input. We need it.

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Our biggest goal at The WordPress Helpers is to make one big WordPress Community. This may not be easy, but we’re here for you.

There are two reasons creating an über community is difficult. One is that in the Internet age we’ve all become suspicious of people trying to reach out to us. We have opportunities all over this site for you to contact us, for example, but only a very small percentage of people will, mostly out of fear that we’ll send you SPAM, or sell your email address so other can. Well, we won’t do either; feel free to sign up for our lists, or reach the staff here, or join the community by clicking the in the menu bar above. The WordPress Helpers is a safe place.

The second is that as the Internet has brought us “closer together”, it’s also helped draw lines that keep us apart. How far apart? a short time before we launched, we did a quick reach-out to a few dozen members of “The WordPress Community”.  These are folks who are regularly held up as knowledgeable, with reputations for being helpful. Here’s what that note said:

Hi, Jeff. Is it OK if I introduce The WordPress Helpers, please?


It asked people to go read the note you see under the “WordPress Helpers Intro”. And it was not well received. Somehow, this simple introduction was seen as intrusive, as was the note underneath “WordPress Helpers Open Letter”, sent to the people who’d engaged us by commenting.

Well we’re peaceful; we won’t be doing that again. So spread the word, and play with us here.  That just means we need to be even more serious about building you the best possible WordPress Community right here.

We hope the folks who objected to outreach will stop by and reach in, because they’re smart people with tremendous WordPress technical expertise to share. We’re here for users who can’t quite figure out how to make a WordPress thing-a-ma-bob interact correctly with a WordPress whatzit*, and we know the smart guys can be really helpful for them. And if you’re a manager responsible for your own or your company’s WordPress websites and need to interact with storage, security or hosting companies, well, both sides of that equation are welcome here, too. More than just welcome: you belong; The WordPress Community needs you.

Welcome to The WordPress Helpers. Your new, better, expanded WordPress Community.
*in WordPress these are really called Plug-ins and Widgets, by the way

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In The WordPress Helpers Community, there’s something for everyone. Join us, follow us, tell your friends, get involved.

Think you have something special to add? Are you a WordPress professional of any kind looking to form alliances? We’d love to talk.

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