WordPress Hosting Choices

WordPress Hosting Choices

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WordPress Hosting Choices

Hosting. It’s one of the least interesting topics there is. But get your hosting wrong and you’re asking for trouble. Let’s talk about WordPress Hosting Choices.

First, back up. “WordPress Hosting Choices” may be the focus we care about here, but (for the most part) “Hosting Choices” is good enough. For. The. Most. Part. There are a few choices you can make to boost the efficacy of your hosting as WordPress relates, like running on Linux instead of other hosting platforms—if only to remove a layer of unnecessary complexity. And if you get caught in an overburdened shared hosting situation, you’re not going to be happy. Trust us; we know.

But the truth is, many typical web sites don’t need any kind of special “WordPress Hosting”. Your WordPress Hosting Choices are really about whether your server can handle the traffic you receive and whether there’s someone to talk to when things go wrong.

At WPMayor, they’ve just published a pretty decent round-up of your WordPress Hosting Choices … choices. We believe that while you should be able to count on your host for basic security there are a few matters you simply need to take on yourself unless you get into a managed hosting environment, and as far as scalability goes, we wish you that problem, and will say it won’t really matter if the time ever comes where you need to buy more server power.

But take all of this with a grain of salt; what matters when making WordPress Hosting Choices will always come down to your host’s policies and responsiveness; we get a pretty decent amount of traffic here, but when hosting is done correctly even we could get by on a cheap shared hosting plan—if it’s done the right way.

Clear as mud, right? Read the article below; it’ll at least get you on the right track. If you still can’t figure it out, Get WordPress Help from The WordPress Helpers.

Source: Simple Guide to Web Hosting 
WordPress Hosting Choices
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WordPress Hosting Choices
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WordPress Hosting Choices
What are your WordPress Hosting Choices? Do hosting choices change when you run WordPress? Are there any WordPress hosting choices that will hurt you?


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