WordPress Theme Lock-in

The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 17-Apr-2015

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WordPress Theme Lock-in

Themes are for presentation, plugins are functionality. But with that guideline stated, we need to throw in some hard pragmatism. Musings on WordPress Theme Lock-In.


Is Envato a Monster? Like Walmart, by its shear size Envato is about as monstrous as you can get. But does that make Envato bad?


You can leave the WordPress back-end exactly as-is so long as you conduct a bit of client training on both what the default menu items are for and how and why new items show up and what to do with them, sometimes in the interest of doing client-friendly WordPress it will make sense to lock a few things down.


Unless you know (more than just) a bit of CSS there will always be WordPress gotchas to contend with. But one gotcha that should be easy to fix is the placement of your customized CSS and WordPress functions.


As the picture says: Make a Mess … Clean it Up. WordPress makes a mess, and WordPress Cleanup is part of the WordPress maintenance game.


If looking for a gem of a WordPress theme isn’t your style, selecting a WordPress theme feels like it’s a bit over your head, or the idea of slogging through this subject using theme concepts is confusing, check out the people-based approach at Theme4Press.


The elimination—or at least reduction—of mom-and-pop developers has consequences that may not be positive. Is Envato the Walmart of WordPress Development?


Broken WordPress Security? Not unless you aren’t paying attention. And it’s surprisingly easy to handle WordPress security the right way, so you won’t fall into that trap, right?


We’ve run into the WordPress White Screen of Death a few times when clients zigged while intending to zag, and actually  encountered it just a couple of days ago at The WordPress Helpers. And we knew how to recover, but … would you?


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