Decision Points and WordPress Themes

WordPress Theme Decision Points

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Decision Points and WordPress Themes

What are the Decision Points you go through when choosing a WordPress Theme? President Bush II likely doesn’t know, but decision points are important in any process (by the way; feel free to click his image, and buy his book; we’ll take the resulting commission).

Decision Points

It’s not quite as intense as running a country, but when you select a new WordPress theme there are quite a few decision for you to contend with along the way.

The folks at Torque Magazine recent ran a piece that sums up those decision points pretty nicely. hasn’t shown up here since our very first day at The WordPress Helpers, but they regularly publish interesting stuff, and the story we’ve linked below is among their best work. Their recommendations on WordPress Theme Decision Points is comprehensive, and yet—to a point—easily understandable!

Thanks for this, Torquemag. We’ll be breaking it down very soon.

Your Next WordPress Theme


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Decision Points and WordPress Themes
Article Title:
Decision Points and WordPress Themes
What Decision Points are there in selecting your next WordPress Theme? He wrote a book on the topic, but President Bush II can't help these decision points.


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