Evergreen WordPress Content

Evergreen WordPress Content

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Evergreen WordPress Content

The WordPress Helpers‘ raison d’être, other than—simplistically—providing the definitive place to get WordPress help, is to underscore the many thing that go into giving great WordPress. WordPress has technical, design, and stylistic components, but one of the best parts of WordPress is how great a marketing platform it is.

Marketing, like WordPress itself, breaks down to multiple  competencies. You can talk Search Engine Optimization on the technical side, or Content Marketing in a much more esoteric arena, but wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the two?

Welcome to Evergreen WordPress Content

The idea of evergreen marketing is that you reuse your content; it never gets old. This isn’t typically applicable to news-related items unless related news items occur, and if you wrote something about Windows 95 it would be difficult to reuse in anything other than a retrospective. But ideas and processes are infinitely evergreen, and that’s where Evergreen WordPress Content gets exciting.

We’ve written about the work of Bob Dunn several times, and weren’t even aware that Bob was in the process of using evergreen WordPress content until he told us about it! Bob’s in the midst of a series where he’s literally republishing his old work. We’re glad Bob Dunn understands what does—and does not—matter in a discussion of duplicate content; this is a genuinely interesting “Evergreen WordPress Content” approach!

But for a simpler approach to Evergreen WordPress Content you can just … drop minor edits into existing content. While GOOG doesn’t give that the same attention it does the creation of new content, it does see it, and it does give you “credit”, simply by virtue of a post being updated.

The great thing about Evergreen WordPress Content (as opposed to generic evergreen content) is that you can create it automatically. WPSolver rounded up a few WordPress plug-ins that approach the task in different ways; you can see that article at the link below. The plug-ins all work a bit differently, but work they do; although the approach taken by WP Old Post Date Remover has the potential to affect your permalinks if they’ve received any love from the outside world.

Evergreen WordPress Content is your friend, if you use it right. And WordPress gives you lots of ways to do exactly that.

Source: WPSolver 
Evergreen WordPress Content
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Evergreen WordPress Content
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Evergreen WordPress Content
Are you creating Evergreen WordPress Content? More important: do you recognize and are you taking advantage of the evergreen WordPress Content you have?

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