'Get WordPress Help' (Getting WordPress Support)

“Get WordPress Help” (Getting WordPress Support)

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'Get WordPress Help' (Getting WordPress Support)

Earlier this week we published a couple of articles on the state of WordPress Support. In short, we said that if you need to get WordPress help, you might run into trouble at StackExchange, and that sadly, even at WordPress.org the quest to get WordPress help can be a trying one.

Unsurprisingly, The WordPress Community took exception to the latter point.

We were berated on Twitter for picking on wordpress.org. That would be fine, and in truth we not only welcome but wish to further the dialog on this matter; “WordPress Support from WordPress (wordpress.org)” is largely an oxymoron, and we’d like nothing better than to see that change.

What was surprising was this: it seemed like the folks who thought you could get WordPress help at wordpress.org and didn’t like us saying otherwise reacted to nothing more than the headline; our piece was direct and fact-based.

It may have been a coincidence, but the next day the folks at WPSiteCare published the piece we’ve linked below. We have no specific commentary on whether WPSiteCare is a good resource for you when you need to get WordPress help, but the advice they give in the piece is terrific, and boils down to a pretty simple point:

To Get WordPress Help, Express Your Problem Clearly

Good advice anywhere, and even a bit of an out for the StackExchange guys.

StackExchange doesn’t get a pass on attitude, and wordpress.org needs to focus more on providing support and less on personal issues—and that’s why we’re here; The WordPress Helpers is your community for non-judgmental help when you need to get WordPress help. But WPSiteCare has a great point; ask clear questions, and there are people out there who will try to give you clear answers.

Addendum: after we posted this story WPSiteCare’s Ryan Sullivan objected to the use of the image on the post there being embedded in this piece. OK, Ryan, it’s redacted.

Source: WPSiteCare 
‘Get WordPress Help’ (Getting WordPress Support)
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'Get WordPress Help' (Getting WordPress Support)
Article Title:
'Get WordPress Help' (Getting WordPress Support)
What to do to get WordPress help? Options abound, but few are any good. Fixing WordPress.org support matters; but for now let's just get WordPress help.


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