Theme Customization Basics

Theme Customization Basics

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Basic WordPress Theme Customization

One of the best worst things about WordPress is how easy hard it is to customize the way your website looks works acts makes your money. Did that seem almost like a game of MadLibs?

While there are many aspects to managing your WordPress installation and presence, most are secondary to understanding and taking care of your website’s theme. Simplistically a matter of what your site looks like, your theme controls everything not managed by WordPress itself, and depending on its design and how you tweak that can override even the mother ship’s directives for behavior.

It’s why we say you never “hack the core”.

It would be silly to tell you we’d found a be-all-and-end-all to the idea of theme management, but there’s one very, very important feature addressed in’s new post on WordPress theme customization basics. And it’s right at Point #1: Get to know Child Themes; that’s the most basic of theme customization basics we can point you at … and one we’ve seen many well-meaning businesses mess up.

Need help? Get WordPress Help from The WordPress Helpers; we’re all about teaching you the basics.

The “Basics” of Theme Customization
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WordPress Theme Customization Basics
Article Title:
WordPress Theme Customization Basics
What are the basics of WordPress Theme Customization? Trick Question; it's all basic, but there's a lot of it. In WordPress, Theme Customization Basics is mostly a matter of discipline.

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