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The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 6-Mar-2015

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It’s atypical, but it happens: someone with a self-hosted WordPress site decides to “bring it back home”. What happens? Unfortunately, if you want to keep your theme, nothing good.


Speaking of Themes, selecting just the right one takes a cool head, a careful eye, an understanding of your business goals, and much more. Nothing that addressing a dozen or so decision points won’t take care of, right?


Of course Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t a WordPress expert, but we can all hope she or someone on her staff was a server and email expert. Here’s how servers and backups and WordPress REALLY work.


Cloud Hosting: there are extra legal issues, and it’s just not for everyone. But is WordPress Cloud Hosting extra-problematic, by nature?


Is there just one thing that goes wrong in a broken WordPress installation? No way. But there’sone thing that goes wrong, over and over and over. Here’s how to avoid it.


You’ve never heard of a WordPress attachment page, right? That’s because they feel almost like a mistake. Here’s how to make use of them.


Ahh, the ALT Tag. It’s on every web page with a link, an image, or pretty much anything beyond “plain text”. Here’s how the WordPress ALT Tag can be used to boost your WordPress efforts.


Envato Themes: A MONSTER?


Envato, Monster or not, does more than themes. Lots more. And if you use Envato Market Plug-ins, now you can update them more easily. Maybe.


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