The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 13-Mar-2015

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Why Does WordPress Not Work Like My Other Software?

Have you noticed that WordPress works differently than the other software you use? Are you one of those people who have issues with that? Maybe you’re missing an important point.


Do you know the Pareto Principle? 80% of benefits come from 20% of your effort. The 80/20 Rule applies with WordPress, but in a very different way than you might have thought about.


You know that big image at the top of your web site? How big is it? You might be surprised at the answer


Break it down: let’s do a quick primer on the list of and purpose for each of WordPress’ database tables.


It seems there are people making businesses from free things, everywhere. Want to make a living off free WordPress add-ons? You’ll need a business process.


Permalinks? Dull? Their impact on everything about your WordPress Website? REALLY exciting. Effort? Very close to none! Look at this


No idea what password hashing is? If you ever need to, you’ll be glad you read this piece. And the best news is that it’s actually easy to understand.


It’s not “the story of WordPress’, it’s “THE STORY OF WORDPRESS“. The official story. The authorized story. The dull, mostly uninteresting story.


White papers are usually dull, and often beyond the understanding of non-experts. The WordPress Security White Paper is both of those … and somehow, less.


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