The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 20-Jan-2015

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WordPress Web Design

Web Design? Not Simple. WordPres Web Design? Even less so. And yet, it’s your best choice—every time.


Writing and publishing a post in WordPress is easy. Writing a WordPress Post the right way is another matter altogether.


All you have to do right to make SEO work with your WordPress site is everything. Wouldn’t a source for what that means be great? Here it is.


Finding your tribe can take quite the hunt. Finding your WordPress Community can be a hunt too, but one great tool to help is … news.


Shortcodes are both one of the best and worst features of WordPress. Should you use them? Is there a right way? Probably, and yes.


“Site Totally Deleted” … not a message you ever want to see. Manage your WordPress Hosting and WordPress Backup the right way an you never will


You haven’t experienced dirty hands until you’ve worked with WordPress filters. Don’t think you like dirty hands? Dig in …


Can you customize WordPress without code? Sort of, but … here’s what that really means.


Is there a manual for WordPress? There are many. Most are no good. But WordPress: The Missing Manual takes a great shot at making WordPress easy


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