Is WordPress Content Marketing Worth The Effort?

WordPress Content Marketing: Worth The Effort?

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Is WordPress Content Marketing Worth The Effort?

Sometimes, building yourself a better WordPress is more about business decisions than about WordPress, itself. The way you handle marketing generally fits into that idea. So is Content Marketing—WordPress Content Marketing or otherwise—worth your effort?

Neil Patel, a bona fide Internet Marketing Expert, says “no”. We say he’s wrong.

Neil Patel isn’t wrong for Neil Patel; in fact, he’s so successful his perspective on content marketing is likely correct. But very few people are as far along on the WordPress Content Marketing continuum as Neil. AND: in the piece below Mr. Patel is specifically talking about one TYPE of content marketing.

In part, the point Neil Patel is making may be right for pretty much everyone. The value of Search Engine Optimization by encouraging user-generated content has dropped significantly and in many cases has become detrimental to search marketing. But the title My Failed Attempt at Content Marketing is a little bit off-point.

Neil Patel didn’t fail at content marketing at all; he’s one of the most successful content marketers around.

That’s an important point. REALLY important.

Everyone’s business is different. WordPress is the best tool we know for getting your message “out there”, and get your message out there, you must. And the intersection between those points is what matters in WordPress Content Marketing. What we do at The WordPress Helpers is designed to further our business goals, just as what you do needs to further yours.

And Content Marketing is a part of that discussion what that discussion is about.

Not quite sure where to start on your WordPress Content Marketing journey? Reach out!

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Is WordPress Content Marketing Worth The Effort?
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Is WordPress Content Marketing Worth The Effort?
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Is WordPress Content Marketing Worth The Effort?
Is everything you've heard about content marketing wrong? Is WordPress Content Marketing even worth your effort? It is. WordPress Content Marketing is gold.


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