WordPress ALT Tags

WordPress Alt Tags

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WordPress ALT Tags

One of the many issues that contribute to your success on the Internet in general and using a content management system like WordPress in particular is the way you attract search engine traffic. Call it search engine optimization if you must, but the issue can be less-specifically thought of as content discoverability. Welcome to the subject of WordPress ALT Tags.

ALT Tags are the (first) thing that makes Google able to see the images on your web pages. There are others, like the title tags that make the words you’ll see if you hover your mouse above the picture at the top of this piece, but when you leave off ALT tags, you greatly reduce your chance of Google finding you—let alone giving you decent SEO ranking.

If you use the WordPress Media Library, setting WordPress ALT Tags is as simple as filling in a field; Lorelle VanFossen‘s excellent tutorial on the subject of WordPress Image sizing starts here.

As the article we cite below points out, there’s a simple way to update a lot of WordPress ALT tags at once with a few lines of programming code dropped into your functions.php file. And it works. And you probably shouldn’t use it. Why? because dropping the same ALT tag on many images isn’t effective SEO unless the keyword you use is generically superior at describing all of them, or your site.

And “Generic” and “Descriptive” don’t usually go together.

Got that? Great idea, simple implementation, WordPress ALT Tag dominance. Now: please go do something else to boost your search juice, instead. Need ideas?

Source: Paulund.co.uk 
WordPress ALT Tags
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WordPress ALT Tags
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WordPress ALT Tags
ALT Tags? Not a sexy subject. But in WordPress ALT Tags on media are a great way to do Search Engine Optimization. WordPress ALT Tags are content marketing.


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