What Does WordPress REALLY Cost?

The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 20-Mar-2015

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What Does WordPress REALLY Cost?

You’ve heard WordPress is free. Or you’ve heard it’s really inexpensive. You’ve heard it’s anything but. So what’s the truth? How do you get a handle on Real WordPress Costs?


The truth is, HTML isn’t really the preferred code base for WordPress; there’s more than one right way to do WordPress and most of the time you’re better off—often you must, in fact—use a combination of geeky WordPress Elements like CSS and PHP code to do manual coding in WordPress.


Some WordPress elements can be viewed so granularly, the question of what’s correct and what’s just plain wrong gets lost. WordPress database fields can be one of those.


There really is no such thing as “WordPress Support”. That’s not to say that you can’t find people who know plenty about WordPress, both at WordPress parent Automattic and elsewhere, but that there’s no officially-sanctioned, always-the-right-place-to-reach-out-to-although-you-might-need-to-pay place that you can call and get answers to your WordPress questions.


Imagine you’d done exactly what the wordpress.org support forum said to do, and a moderator redacted your information …


We have no specific commentary on whether WPSiteCare is a good resource for you when you need to get WordPress help, but the advice they give in the piece is terrific, and boils down to a pretty simple point:TO GET WORDPRESS HELP, EXPRESS YOUR PROBLEM CLEARLY


While we have large issues with StackExchange, and less-large problems with WordPress.org, it didn’t occur to us that paying a compliment to the folks at WPSiteCare could set off a Twitter flame war


Great WordPress is about great training. What’s the one right way to do WordPress?


We’ve told you about The WordPress Database and why you need to understand at least a little about it. We’ve explained what’s happening with the default WordPress database tables. We’ve even dug into a trick for managing hashed passwords in the WordPress database. Now, let’s start your education on WordPress Database Fields.



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