Wheres My Stuff on the WordPress Admin Menu?

Dear WordPress … Where’s my stuff?

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Wheres My Stuff on the WordPress Admin Menu?

At The WordPress Helpers one of the things we do to help improve WordPress is point out flaws in business processes, and even some WordPress Business Decisions.

One big WordPress Business Decision that got made a long time ago was to allow developers unfettered access to the WordPress Admin Menu. While we agree with the spirit behind this decision, the offshoot for most WordPress users is that over time the addition of plug-ins and other WordPress extensions makes finding what you need in the WordPress Admin Menu … let’s just call it a challenge. We mentioned this once before in a piece about WordPress Custom Posts Hierarchy.

There have been a few plug-ins that address this for some time now. We’re not sure it’s really necessary; the way you use WordPress is personal and once you do it long enough you develop habits to match your WordPress Environment. But if moving WordPress Admin Menu items around seems important to you, there’s a new plug-in that makes it easy. Click through to Admin Menu Manager using the link below.

Admin Menu Manager is simple, relatively light-weight, and works the only way that really makes sense from a user perspective; you just drag your menu items into the positions you want them in. Where’s my stuff? Exactly where you place it, that’s where!

Admin Menu Manager doesn’t let you add or remove items from the WordPress Admin Menu; that still takes programming. But if the order of your WordPress admin menu is slowing you down, now there’s an easy way to address the matter.

It’s one more example of WordPress Plug-in Problems and their solutions. Now, if you’re ‘that guy’ install Admin Menu Manager, and then get back to more important things!

Source: Admin Menu Manager 
Wheres My Stuff on the WordPress Admin Menu?
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Wheres My Stuff on the WordPress Admin Menu?
Article Title:
Wheres My Stuff on the WordPress Admin Menu?
The lovely WordPress Admin Menu is also the PESKY WordPress Admin Menu when you find yourself asking "Where's My Stuff?" The answer to wheres my stuff? Here


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