The WordPress Super Bowl

The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup 6-Feb-2015

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Kim Kardashian at The WordPress Super Bowl

No, of course we didn’t. And we wouldn’t much care if we did. But If you watched The Super Bowl and jumped through the right hoops you could have gotten the lovely Kim Kardashian-West to tweet at you like she did us. And considering this year’s Super Bowl was ‘The WordPress Super Bowl’, that matters.


If you “do WordPress” and you think the growth you’ve seen will continue, we have a CMS to sell you. Here’s why the WordPress growth path is in trouble, and what will fix it.


We don’t mean a “you look bad” problem. WordPress doesn’t handle images—or other media, actually—very well. Ready to fix the WordPress image problem? Read this


Remember Spy vs Spy? Let’s talk about the WordPress equivalent” WordPress vs. WordPress


WordPress is so great, it should be used for any web site you create! Or should it?


Do you love our theme? It wasn’t free, but many very nice WordPress themes are, so … are free WordPress themes a good idea, or a disaster waiting to happen?


WordPress Shortcodes do some amazing things. And if you use them the wrong way the most amazing thing they’ll do is ruin your web site.


Is the WordPress shark about to jump itself and become irrelevant?


There are always multiple ways to get things done, in WordPress and otherwise. So what’s the best way to “skin the WordPress cat”?


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