Real WordPress Costs

What Are Real WordPress Costs ?

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WordPress Costs

You’ve heard this WordPress thing is free. You’ve heard it’s really inexpensive. You’ve heard it’s anything but. What’s the truth? How do you get a handle on Real WordPress Costs?

Many variables effect what WordPress costs. Let’s not try to measure the value of your time, because that one all by itself has huge variance issues.

What Should Your Real WordPress Costs Be?

Visit the article we’ve linked below; you’ll get quite a list, with a lot of play in all directions. And if you want “everything” you can use that piece at Elegant Themes as your soup-to-nuts guide to WordPress Costs. But it’s a lot to digest. So visit it, read it all, and them let’s be honest:

You might consider outsourcing basic WordPress maintenance, but until you’re ready to get a handle on all the costs in WordPress, you mostly care about Hosting and a great Theme

Hosting comes in many sizes, shapes, and prices, but despite what Elegant says, there really is such a thing as free WordPress hosting. And while the article talks about Premium Themes (like Elegant, and we recommend them highly if you go that way), there are tons of free WordPress themes available. We especially like Simply Read.

Click through. Take it all in. Buy the Elegant Themes package if it strikes your fancy. Let’s get a handle on real WordPress costs. Let’s move this thing forward.

Source: Elegant Themes 
Real WordPress Costs
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Real WordPress Costs
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Real WordPress Costs
Is WordPress really free? No? Then what should real WordPress costs look like? There are lots of choices; let's get WordPress Costs under control.


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